b'PN 52 | BASEBALL / SOFTBALL BASEBALL / SOFTBALL|53 PN1175PERFECT FIELDER - SOFT HANDS TRAINING TOOLIMPROVE TRANSITION TIME TIME FROM GLOVE TO THROWING HAND Right and left hand use Become a better fielderImprove quick reaction Elastic finger grips inserts Pancake designFlat foam material1176REACTION BALLS 2 PACKIMPROVE REFLEX AND AGILITY! Multisport Great fielding tool Increases hand-eye coordination2 Sizes: Each size is a different level of difficulty Improve reaction time with random bounces Larger ball is easier to pick up while thesmall ball is more challenging and unpredictable BUNDLE IT UP!ALSO AVAILABLE! Double Pack Double Pack + Crushers Single Pack + Crushers+ Foam-Tech balls + Foam-Tech balls + Reaction BallLARGE SMALL1179 1180 11811176-2 1176-1'