Elevate Your Event


Whether it’s your 1st event or you’re a full-time organizer, PowerNet has exactly what you need to attract more teams to your tournament. Reward participating coaches, players, and parents with a Powernet Sponsored event. Our high quality Powernet training gear will be the foundation for prizes and giveaways as teams battle it out. Team up with us to attract more teams and create a higher level of competition!


What is included in your PowerNet Sponsored Tournament Package:


Participation/Registration Gifts

Each registered team receives a free (standard) PowerNet product valued

between $40-$100.

Division Winner Awards

Each division winners will be awarded a (premium) PowerNet product valued

at $100-$130 for their achievements.


PowerNet (PNI) Bucks

Hand out PNI Bucks (gift certificates) to every player

to use at your tournament tent to purchase PowerNet products. 


*This is great way to ad revenue to your event.


PowerNet Banner

Strategically place PowerNet banner(s) at your event for maximum exposure. 


Don't Forget Product Sales!


All PowerNet Sponsored tournaments have a built-in opportunity to earn additional

revenue through product sales.  Simply hand out PNI Bucks (gift certificates)

to all players to use on their own personal Powernet products.

*As a Tournament Director, you may qualify to purchase PowerNet products at below

wholesale pricing.

Please Send Me Tournament Pricing and Package Information.
*Sample PowerNet (PNI) Bucks

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