b'PN 44 | BASEBALL / SOFTBALL BASEBALL / SOFTBALL|45 PN1004R2.8 REGULAR HEAVIES WEIGHTED TRAINING BALLS (6-PACK)INCREASE BAT SPEED, CONTACT RATE & POWER AT THE PLATE Baseball size WEIGHTS Build proper technique 6 PACK Highly durable 1004Y 1004G 1004R 1004O 1004B Build power x6 x6 x6 x6 x6 Designed to build the proper follow through on our batting and throwing technique 12 oz 14 oz 16 oz 18 oz 20 oz1004L3.2 LARGE HEAVIES WEIGHTED TRAINING BALLS (6-PACK)BUILD STRENGTH AND MUSCLE, IMPROVE TECHNIQUE AND FORM Softball size WEIGHTS Highly durable 6 PACK Build proper technique 1004LY 1004LG 1004LR 1004LO 1004LB Develop arm strength x6 x6 x6 x6 x6 Strengthen your swings and throws Develop muscle groups specific to batter and12 oz 14 oz 16 oz 18 oz 20 ozpitcher movements 1142 1004LR 1004R 1065'